Question Kernel Power Event 41- Tried everything, is it my motherboard?

Jan 20, 2021
So ever since I made my first PC build a few months ago, I've been experiencing random restarts ever since it was built. It never happens when gaming, at least not yet. It mostly happens when I am just browsing the internet. The screen will freeze for about 5 seconds, the screen will go black, and just restarts. I have tried everything.
Got a new PSU. Checked my RAM, they have no errors. Also, had new RAM sticks and the same thing happens. Checked my NVme; did a scan and it says nothing is wrong with it. Reinstalled Win 10 multiple times, and through different USB sticks. Checked thermals, they are all low and quiet. Stress tested GPU and CPU, they handle perfectly. Turned off fast boot.
I have no idea what is doing this besides my motherboard. I have noticed a weird stain on my motherboard, but people say these are normal. I am about to throw this thing out the window.
Here are my specs. Yes, I know I have no CPU cooler but it is extremely cold where I am at the moment.