Question Keyboard and Mouse not Working after Upgrade


Apr 13, 2007
Hi guys!

My last time on this forum was 11 years ago when I built my last pc!

Have upgraded my desktop to Gigabyte B360M DS3H, Intel i5 8400, Samsung 860 Evo 500Gb SSD and 16Gb of Kingston RAM.

I’m using the old case, PSU and IDE DVD Writer connected to mobo using a IDE to SATA converter.

Power-up was successful and I can access BIOS normally and alter the settings with the mouse.

Once saving and exiting the BIOS, the DVD Writer; which has Windows 7 Disk, starts to load files and the initial install window appears requesting language, time and currency format and keyboard type. However, the mouse cursor is missing and therefore the mouse is not responsive. I have tried both USB keyboard and USB mouse plus a PS2 mouse.

I have searched hi and lo and cannot find a solution with various setting tweaks in the BIOS to no avail.

Can anybody pinpoint the problem?



So my question is are you trying to install Windows 7 on this system?

If that is the case than your issue is probably driver related. 7 was launched in 2009 and most DVDs didn't get many updated releases. What you can do is create an ISO of the DVD using another PC and then create a new ISO, or better yet bootable USB drive as it would install much faster, and slipstream the drivers for your chipset into the ISO so they load when loading the install.

Or, and this is just my opinion, move to Windows 10 and leave 7 in the past as you have less than a year until Microsoft kills support.