Question Keyboard and mouse unresponsive only in games


Jun 30, 2019
Hi, need advice with unreaponsible mouse and keyboard.
Have a new set with wireless Logitech k270.

It is only a problem in games, in Windows it work fine.

Suddently in games the character dosnt move, mouse buttons not reaponding and a overall laggy movements when using mouse in menu or looking around, it could be variable how laggy it is.

Use to play with controller but i need this in games where i dont get the controller to work.

Drivers are updated and im inside the maximum range of 10 meter. Usb unit is in front of the pc.

Appreciate some help with this :)
Sep 11, 2020
How old is your apartment if you don't mind me asking? Might be hard for you to know. Do you know when this issue came? Did it freeze before the input lag came?

Can you give your specs for everything? And, wireless mices and keyboards tend to have a bit of a delay.