Keyboard error or no keyboard present !


Nov 26, 2011

I know it sems an old subject, but in this case it isn`t . My

problem involves this error but the fact is that all I need is to

restart the computer in order for it to work . It doesn`t matter

how I restart : by pushig the restart button, by entering bios,

not changing anything, just saving or not and exiting, the fact is

that after restart it works . But this is a problem for me for

which I wasn`t able to find any solution on the internet . I read

about dirt on pins, connecting the keyboard to an usb adapter,

clearing CMOS, replacing battery etc . Can anyone help ? I

strongly believe that this is a harware problem .

Any ideas ?! Thank you in advance !
You have to use the "save and exit" option anytime you adjust the bios settings. If the bios is resetting everytime you post, the motherboard battery may be weak and need changing. But you may also have a bad port on the back of your motherboard. Try a different port if you can.


Nov 26, 2011
Hey ! First of all, thanks for the reply ! Using ' save & exit ' after each BIOS adjustment is

not an unknown to me. Second of all, how could BIOS affect the keyboard as long as ı tried

connecting it throught the usb and ps2 port ? But let's presume that you are right : ı

thought about it before my first post and changed it with an identical one from another

computer. By doing that ı also gave an reset to all the settings in BIOS, firs of all by

removing the battery and last but not the least by plying with the pin. In what it concerns

your last sugestion, I tried connecting the keyboard, using an usb adapter, to all the usb

ports on the back of my computer, after adjusting and saving the right

settings in bios, of course. I connected directly on the ps2 port, without any luck. Here is

how it goes : normally I would start my computer, let it log in ( I don't have a Windows

password ) and once I can use it, I notice that the keyboard is not working. Than I restart

the pc, and everything is fine. Now, I made a change in BIOS so that it would report all

errors on when I start my pc. Each time it tells me that the keyboard cannot be found that

a good thing ( somehow ) because I don't have to let my pc boot into Windows and I can

manually restart it ( time efficiency ) I really believe that is a matter of electricity, because

each time the keyboard works, the pc is already runing, powered up ... But I don't know

how to fix this situation, only if I could change the motherboard, that is kind of an extreme

situation for this matter ...