Question Keyboard Issue


Dec 4, 2014

I have the Logitech G613 keyboard. Recently I have noticed some issues that started occuring. When I click some of the buttons, they would often not capture or capture twice (so for example, when typing some of the buttons might not type and I have to press them again, or a letter would be typed but twice).

Would this be a software issue, or a physical issue? Any good practices to establish the problem?

Thanks in advance!


You could remove/uninstall Logitech's Gaming Hub/LGS app off of your system and see if the issue persists. You can likewise, plug the keyboard onto a donor system to see if the issue persists there. In the former, if the issue persists, then the switches for the keyboard might very well be the issue. If the issue doesn't persist in the latter instance, then the software would be the culprit.

Make sure you're on the latest BIOS version for your motherboard. You can also see if the wireless adapter brought closer to the keyboard alleviates the issue. I noticed the keyboard has a firmware update...maybe that's what might be necessary on your board?