Question Kingston HyperX Fury vs G.Skill TridentZ Help/Question

Mar 4, 2019
This is my current system:
Ryzen 7 2700x CPU
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X470 Motherbord
16GB G.Skill 3200mhz C14 DDR4 Memory

My question is: I'm thinking of possibly upgrading to 32GB ram, potentially to this model:
Kingston HyperX Fury 32GB 3466mhz C19 DDR4 Memory
Links to both models for comparison:
G.Skill 3200mhz C14:
Kingston 3466 C19:

G.Skill Specs:
  • DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600)
  • Timing 14-14-14-34
  • CAS Latency 14
  • Voltage 1.35V
Kingston Specs:
  • JEDEC/PnP: DDR4-3466 CL19-23-23 @1.2V
  • XMP Profile #1: DDR4-3466 CL19-23-23 @1.2V
  • XMP Profile #2: DDR4-2933 CL17-19-19 @1.2V
So my question is, if I were buy this Kingston 32GB kit, how much "better/worse" would it be in comparison to the 16GB I have? It has faster MHZ speed but a slower CAS Latency. Based on my calculations it would theoretically be "slower" per se(talking about microseconds here) but I'd get double capacity and lower voltage. So not technically an "upgrade" in pure performance but kind of a "side-grade" with trade-offs?
One more thing to note is that it is not listed in the Qualified Vendors list for the motherboard, but many other HyperX modules are.


If you stuck with G.Skill and got higher spec'd rams, you could dabble in the option of fine tuning your timings. You forgot to mention what the ram upgrade is for (and essentially speaking of what the system will be taxed with).

You could tighten the timings on the Kingston ram kit but that might need more voltage. You're safe to go to 1.35v(a little more if your voltage regulation on the board is up to par/stable).
Mar 4, 2019
I will be video editing and gaming. The 16GB I have is fine for gaming and serviceable for video editing but I'd like to improve my editing and such with more memory. I was considering that because it was cheap right now but considering it's not on the QVL maybe I should skip it. I got lucky and bought the G.Skill in 2016 when it was $124 so I was trying to look for a cost-effective upgrade. 2 DIMM 32GB kits don't seem to go below C16 on the QVL. I'm just trying to brainstorm the best upgrade option without paying a huge price premium.

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