Question Language/Framework recommendation for Web app programming ....


May 28, 2021
I'm come from VB 6.0, I know some Python and I would like to put my feet on web app programming i.e. an app that could be run on tablets, PCs, etc. There are so many technologies out there (Vue, Django, Flask, Angular, React etc)... Where to start from in order to have a smooth learning curve? Maybe from Javascript in order to use Angular and Vue?
Don't waste your time with the above, let's start with CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

Once you understand all of those web languages, you can build your own database driven framework (both front-end and back-end). The web is in your hands ;)
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Learn HTML, CSS, and raw JavaScript first. Build foundations and do some small projects. You don't need a web server to test any of you content, you just open up the HTML file in a web browser and it works like how any other static page web server would work. If you really want stuff hosted on the web, GitHub has a thing where you can host static web pages. Once you get the hang of it, rather than jump on a front-end framework like Angular, React, or Vue, I recommend JQuery to get a better handle on manipulating the content.

Also when thinking about developing a web application, think about what you need out of it. Put down some requirements. They don't have to be specific, but generic enough to give you some wiggle room. You may not need a database. You may want a simple single-page application. Etc. etc.

However, with the frameworks and runtime environments today, you can get away with only JavaScript. I've built an entire website with basic blogging capabilities entirely using CSS, JavaScript, and Pug (which is an HTML rendering language). Node.js served as the backend. There are other backend runtimes you can use, but those would require learning say C, PHP, or in one case a dialect of Lisp.