Question Laptop battery failure, now very slow... (Dell Latitude E7480)


Apr 6, 2015
Hello all.

I got a this refurbished laptop just under a year ago. (Running windows 10)

About 2 weeks ago, the person using it said the battery stopped working suddenly and without explanation, although that in the previous weeks it had been getting a bit slower/crashing.

It works when plugged in, but says the adapter is not detected (0% not charging). The AC adapter had been stood on around half a year ago.

He took it to a tech who tried their charger, which did not work. They then took the battery out and said it is probably the problem, although they said it was weird because it looked normal.

In safe mode it seems to function a bit faster.

The main problem is the fact that it is being very slow now, compared to before, and even crashing occasionally. If the battery was the problem, surely running it from the charger would make the laptop function as normal?

According to the internet this line of laptops have problems with CPU throttling after power problems. I ran HWMonitor and it said CPU usage was going up to 100%, but the fan speed was only at around 800Mhz.

I want to update the system and bios, but I'm a bit worried about the computer crashing and not having a battery to fall back on.

We are going to take it to someone for a second opinion and a bit more clarity before we purchase a battery.

Any help would be extremely appreciated!


Those model laptops have known battery issues, some systems don't work properly without the battery, which I think is about $100. I don't think the BIOS update will even start without a charged battery in the system.