LAptop Desktop SLI??


Jul 8, 2009
Is it possible to have a laptop/desktop SLI? Haha....

I have seen a product from ASUS not far back where they had a mobile GPUthat you could connect to a lapton..... Its true but i think it only used an 8x connection
The ASUS solution use 1X via the PCcard slot.

The AMD XGP solution uses a dedicated port with 8 lanes of PCIe 2.0

It's not setup for true Xfire, but it's somewhat hybrid.

ATi and their vendors also have external solutions for testing that use multi lanes to external board to simply test engineering samples, they are similar to the 2 x 8X connectors on the LASSO solution.

And then there's the opposite, where you tri-fire laptop MXM form factor cards and then slap them on a single TRINITY card;