Question Laptop display flickering and artifacting


Jun 21, 2012
Hello everyone, I'm having some issues with a Asus x555u laptop's display.
I few months ago it started showing a copule of white lines on the bottom of the screen, right above the Windows taskbar. After that it started flickering and cycling of brightness only below those lines, specially when returning from sleep or hibernation. Later the same lines started appearing at the top of the screen, around 20 pixels from the top of the display. And recently it started doing the same flickering and cycling of brightness almost on the entire display, below the lines that appeared at the top.
It's particularly apparent after returning from sleep, hibernation or turning the laptop on. I've already reinstalled drivers and tested with an external display through HDMI, it doesn't show those symptoms on an external display, so it doesn't seem to be a GPU issue. I think it is either the display itself or the display cable. I've read that if it's the cable moving the hinge can make it better or worse, but in my case it doesn't do anything. Here's a video of the issue: View:

I live in a rural area, so going to a PC shop or Repair Center is kind of difficult in the current world situation, I want to avoid buying something and then realizing that it was the other thing, specially since changing the display is easier but more expensive and changing the cable is cheaper but a lot more difficult. I was hoping someone else here has had a similar issue and can tell me if it was the display or the cable, so I can narrow it down further.
Thanks in advance.