Laptop for everyday use


Feb 7, 2017
Hi all,

I am from Belgium and I am looking for a laptop for everyday use( mailing, surfing, viewing videos,.. the usual). My budget is around 600-800 euro

The laptop will be taken along with me everyday, but in terms of weight, I really don't care, so you should not pay attention to this.

I have no brand preferences. The laptop must be able to do daily work smoothly with a margin. I would also like a laptop with a reasonably long battery life.

Inve found 2 laptops in particular but I am not sure:


What would you guys recommend me, any other better laptops?

Thanks in advance!
I haven't found reviews for those specific models, but looking at some laptops that use the Ryzen 5700U do point to them gettitng around 8-10 hours of battery life surfing the internet.

Look further at the specs as well and see which one makes more sense to you. Like I noticed the HP one has 1TB of storage while the Lenovo one has 512GB.