Question Laptop freezes while installing GPU driver ?

Dec 23, 2020
When I was playing a game my laptop froze so I had to close it by holding power button. I opened it again, but there was something wrong, laptop froze when despite I'm not playing a game. After that it started to freeze at Welcome screen, I reinstall the Windows, it did not freeze. I thought my Hard Drive or RAM has a problem. I disassembled my second RAM, I opened the PC and saw that it froze again. I reinstall the RAM again and opened it, it opened! There was a notification that says "We had changed something to solve a problem." (I translated it Turkish to English so it may not be exactly same) I tried to install drivers, I installed ELAN driver and after that AMD Graphic driver, while installing, it froze again at half of the setup. Whenever I try to install driver, same things happens. (I tried older drivers too.)

My Laptop;

CPU: İntel I5-7200U
Graphic card: İntel HD 620 and AMD Radeon 530 (has driver issue)
RAM: 2x4 GB