Question laptop is the only thing that will connect to printer nothing else at my wits end!!!


Nov 8, 2010
have an epson nx330 printer. all my devices used to connect to the printer. now my desktop nor my phone will find the printer or connect to it,
i have had an orbi router in addition to the one from the phone company. even if i disable/disconnect the orbi my printer errors connecting wirelessly to the at an t router. no problem with the orbi, at and t router seems to work fine since any wireless devices minus the printer will connect to the either router.
won't connect from my phone and own't connect from my desktop. it used to.

i don't know what to do. print sharing and whatever is allowed/enabled. it used to work from any device back in the day. since the oribi it won't anymore. disconnecting the orbi doesn't help. won't even detect the printer on any device other than the laptop. the laptop is the biggest piece of crap and it's making me insane. recent fresh install on the desktop to move to a ssd finally and still didn't make the printer show up.