Question Laptop runs way below expectation

Sep 20, 2019
Hey everyone , I bought this laptop last year, so buying new one is not an option, until atleast, maybe next year. I bought Asus X550IK
Specs :
CPU : FX9830P
GPU : RX560
Graphic : R7 Radeon

(Dxdiag and Computer Properties )
Full discussion about the laptop :

I know nothing about gaming rigs, and was low on budget, so I decided to buy this laptop since it pretty affordable, I decided to buy this laptop without second thought just by watching review video on youtube benchmark, anyway I was expecting something like this :

what I expect :
( Apex Legend, Pretty smooth FPS, Exactly the same specs as me )
Reality : I was running like constant 15 fps on apex.

what I expect :
( Fortnite, Smooth FPS, Below my specs, he using RX460 )
Reality : same as above, running on 20 fps with constant drop

what I expect : Dota at ultra with 40-60 FPS
Reality : hard shuttering and 25 fps with constant drop

Here is a bit of fact:

Changing beetween ultra and low setting have very little impact on my fps,

Changing the resolution of the game have very little impact on my fps

I already use my RX560, and active it as high performance so the game would use RX560 instead of R7 Graphic cards

My CPU rarely going above 70%, my GPU hardly hit 30%

Im using the lastest recommended AMD graphic driver release

I have 8% storage left on my non-OS hardisk partition, but I have over than 50% on C: ( where OS and my game were placed )

I got around 50 fps with some fps drop playing minecraft which is sound pretty bad?

I havent tested OC , or change anything

Im aware CPU being a bottleneck, but seeing the discussion, even with the bottleneck the laptop should run some games better than what im experiencing right now.

People say changing the thermal paste help, some say dual channeling ram help too (I dont even know what is these thing), but even without changing anything, I think this laptop should run better than that? no?

Im ready for anything tbh, if it could help this problem. Im okay with formatting everything, changing OS, Reinstalling Windows or at last very last effort, changing some gear like thermal paste or adding more RAM

I was going to try change the driver version to AMD 18.5.1 since people say its best for gaming purpose

Thanks, sorry for my english, Sorry for the long post, Really hoping someone could help me, I've been trying years to fix this.


What are you doing on 1803? We're already on 1903. Get up to speed with your OS by reinstalling the OS after creating a bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools.

Then source the latest drivers off manufacturer's site.