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Question Laptop shuts down abruptly when using the keyboard

Nov 18, 2019
I am using the ON-SCREEN keyboard to type this.
I have a 2018 Asus GL-703GS Strix laptop running Windows10 and this problem had already happened to me before.
Everytime I boot my laptop and click on any of the keys on the keyboard it suddenly shuts off as if I pressed on "sleep" and moving the mouse \ clicking any key \ moving the touchpad turns it back on to the login screen.
I've sent it to the shop before and what they did was to remove all files and install Windows from scratch and for a while it seemed to have worked, but now it returned to how it was before.
The laptop is always on a cooling pad and connected to a battery through the wall charge socket on 60% health "maximum lifespan"

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I found out that the following keys: T, Y, G, H are the keys that immediatly shut the laptop off. Can't figure out a solution
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Check and see which BIOS version your laptop is currently on. The next step is to check and see what version of Windows 10 your'e working with. While in it's current state, make sure you've backed up all your critical content from C:\ and prepare to reinstall the OS from scratch. Once you've reinstalled the OS, manually source the drivers for your laptop off of Asus's support site.

You can make your own bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools.