Question Laptop Slow! Maybe processor problems? Help!!

Dec 15, 2022
I have a Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST and I have 16G RAM and a 250GB SSD and I have an AMD A9-9410 RAEDON R5, 2.90GHz, 5 Compute Cores 2C+3G (I copied that from about my pc so please don't harass me if I got any wrong) I got the laptop from a work friend who used it as a work laptop for a couple years then got a new one, I tried running some games on this computer and struggled massively, hence the modifications I made. The thing I don't understand is how badly this computer runs anything, even Minecraft I'm getting 5-7 frames and 14 frames with smooth running mods on a good day, obviously I'm not looking to run apex legends or something on this, but I read up on R5 processors and they seem fine. I've even gone and factory reseted this to as a last resort but nothing. My dads laptop has an Intel I3 w/ 32G of RAM and 300GB SSD and can run Minecraft 40+ frames no problem, I feel my computer is cursed! If anyone can help it's much much much welcome. Thanks for reading.