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  1. ardll

    Question My Laptop runs much SLOWER than other Laptops of the SAME system

    My laptop is an ROG GL553VE series but recently it has been dissapointing me. It runs CSGO on 50 fps and frequently drops to 10 or so. It runs DOTA 2 on 30 to 40 fps on lowest settings, not to mention the drops. So i was curious and ran 3d mark time spy to compare the score with others of the...
  2. O

    Question PLEASE HELP! My PC is way underperforming.

    According to Userbenchmark, my PC is performing well below what it should be. "Overall this PC is performing below expectations (25th percentile). This means that out of 100 PCs with exactly the same components, 75 performed better." If at all, I'd appreciate any and all help anyone could give...
  3. BlinkserTD


    Ok so I really enjoy playing fortnite and for some reason recently its been freezing and the screen turns to a solid color screen usually blue sometimes Cyan, Green, Pink And Gray Sometimes the crash is accompanied by an "rrrrrr" sound and I have tried literally everything that I can think of...
  4. Y

    [SOLVED] #HelpFast

    Hello Guys i need help. I bought a RTX 2070 super which does not have DVI-D interface but DisplayPort that support 144hz And i got a acer GN246HL which has DVI-D interface that support 144hz and a HDMI and VGA that dont support 144hz. So my question is : is that Possible to enable the 144hz...
  5. A

    Question Has anyone bought from computeruniverse ?

    I'm trying to build an system and for budget reasons I'm trying to buy the components there. I've read a lot of reviews and they are mostly mixed . I'd be really grateful if someone could share their experience with them