Question Laptop suddenly power-throttling all the time even at idle?


Aug 18, 2013
I have an msi raider ge75 with a non max q rtx 2080 and an i7 8750h, and basically since last night, randomly, i realized i was getting terrible fps (20 where before i was getting 80) so i checked and my cpu is reporting power limit throttle all the time, even doing nothing at the desktop, so i assume the same is the case for my gpu.

It seems when the laptop turns on it works fine for like 2 minutes (msi afterburner reports gpu mem clock at 7000 mhz) but after a short moment it dials back to 800 mhz and XTU is showing constante power limit throttle.

I restored my system to the last automatic checkpoint and the problem persists. Is there any way this is a software issue? it seems like when the laptop turns on the processor can get 45w for a bit and then when it starts to power throttle it doesnt go over 10-12Watts of power draw. My charger looks fine, I even switched the wire that goes from the charger to the outlet, same result, if anyone can shed any light here i will be forever thankful