Question Laptop suddenly shut off and won't power back on, what could be issue?


Jul 18, 2015
So i had my laptop hooked up to my monitor with hdmi cable, i had the back cover off so it cool better, and also had disconnected the battery.

It was running for about 20-30 minutes then suddenly shutoff, never to turn on again.

A year later i am determined to find out what happend and hopefuly fix it.

One thing to note is, when it was working, a little light would come on when i plugged the ac adapter plug to it. It doesnt light up by the port after it broke.

I thought it was the power supply cables gone bad, but i checked for voltage and it shows 19V with the multimeter.

I also checked for voltage on battery plug and almost all pins had about 1 to 2 volts.

I dont know what else to check, i am starting to think my processor died. But when i try to turn it on not even the fan turns on. Nothing at all happens when i press the power button.

I held the power button on for 1 minute to release residual voltage, still doesnt turn on afterwards.

Any ideas left?

here are pictures of the whole thing im talking about
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Jul 18, 2015
Make and model laptop? Age? Specs?

Not sure: however the second link seems to show physical damage just inside the power port.

Dust, dirt? Braided cable look worn/rubbed next to "DC-IN".
it is an HP Laptop 17-by0053cl
bought it in 2018, got ruined in 2021

there is no damage to the charging port, it just looks like that on the pic.

cable is fine too


Not sure about the timeline.


"bought it in 2018, got ruined in 2021" :

What happened a year ago that originally led to the laptop being put away - was that when you took the cover off, etc. to cool the laptop?

Or did that all (the 20-30 minutes of running) happen now while trying to fix the laptop?

I found the following Technical Manual:

Per physically numbered Page 7, there should be an LED next to the power connector on the left side of the laptop.

What color is that LED and is the LED blinking?

The battery may have deteriorated or failed in some manner. Especially if severely discharged or improperly charged for whatever reasons.

Use a bright flashlight and the User Manual to carefully inspect all of the laptop's components for any loose connections or signs of damage.

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Overall, I think you will need to obtain another known working battery to test in the laptop.

And probably another known working charger as well.