Laptop upgrade - video card and performance decision

Jul 29, 2019
I've got an old (but still working) ASUS N56V laptop that I've upgraded to 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD hard drive. Core i7 - 3.6 (or 3.8, the shiny label is hard to read). Great laptop except for 2 things:
  1. it's a bit heavy to lug around during traveling (I think it weighs 6lbs plus power cords/etc)
  2. battery life isn't the best (maybe 2 hours, IMO).
It's got the old nvidia 635m video card (but at least it's discrete and doesn't tattle on you--haha)
I don't really play games on it, mostly surfing the web and video editing GoPro videos.

I'm looking at some cyber monday deals.
Budget is up to $500-$550

There's an ASUS Vivobook 15 F512DA Ryzen 3, (Vega 3 video card), 4 GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD (supposedly both can be upgraded/added on)?
NewEgg has for $380. I believe weights 3.5 lbs

BestBuy has the HP Pavilion Gaming laptop 15-EC0013DX Ryzen 5 with Geforce 1050 (I think my desktop has the 1050Ti, but can't remember). 8GB and 256 SSD (i believe it too can be upgraded/added for storage/SSD), that's $500. Weighs about 5 lbs (so not much lighter than my ASUS).

HP has 2 Pavilion 15Z.
One is just 15Z with the AMD A9-9425 Dual-Core (3.1 GHz, up to 3.7 GHz, 1MB cache)+AMD Radeon™ R5 Graphics
8GB with 128 GB SSD .m2
(I think it's upgradable as well?)
For $320 (as I configured it)
4.6 lbs (according to HP website)

And the 15Z - high performance:
AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U (2.3 GHz, up to 4 GHz, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) + Radeon™ Vega 10 Graphics
and 512 nvme .m2 SSD (again I think upgradeable as well, but it'll do)
But it's $570 as configured (went up to the higher display)
4.27 lbs (according to website)

Obviously a big price difference, but not sure how any of them compare to the old ASUS

Any suggestions/thoughts are greatly appreciated.


If you don't use it for games, I would probably go with the Ryzen 7 if you want to upgrade the RAM and SSD in the other systems anyway, by the time you buy more parts and spend all the time moving things around and re-installing Windows, you may as well just get the better system to begin with.
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