Latops without HDD's for video-editing?

Jun 3, 2019
Hi everyone

can anyone say why almost all "workstation" for video editing / graphic-work laptops come without HDDs?

I always thought the best solution was ssd+hdd combo, because ssd are bad for writing big files and don't last as long (I expect a video/image editing workstation to last a good 3-5 years, right?)
SSDs are great for writing big files - that's precisely the point. They just simply cost a lot more.

The SSD + HDD combo is usually better purely from a cost effective point of view, to get the same amount of SSD storage as HDD you'll be paying x5 the price. That an in some applications, you won't see a "real world" difference between SSD and HDD storage, but in many cases now, you will.

You would stick to having core programs and some files on an SSD and just store everything else on a slower HDD. BUt for large files, SSDs will still always transfer faster.

Remember the life of the SSD is dependent on various factors, and the crucial one that many miss is the type of storage itself: SLC, MLC or TLC. Wear increases if the amount of data stored per cell increases. You'll also find many modern SSDs have overcome a lot of the "life span" theories, and they last for an incredibly long time when looked after correctly.