Question League of legends dissapointing fps on a decent laptop

Aug 5, 2019
Hello so i bough a laptop 5 months ago a lenovo legion y530 with decent specs
Cpu: i7 8750h
Gpu: gtx 1060 6 gb
Ram: 16 gb ddr4 2666 mhz
So the problem is i run league and i have 200 fps at the base the moment i go to the lane it drops to 100-120 fps, but in team fight or as the minions spawn and stuff like that it goes down to 60 sometimes lower, the display of the laptop is 144hz so i actually wanna at least keep it a consistent 144 fps, but i have a lot of fps drops and stuttering. I've tried all the guides from league, from forums and I'm desperate at this point. Changing the graphics also applied no effect, same fps at medium and at very high.
Note: the fps went so high when i changed power setting and nvidia settings, so these are out of the way aswell.
Also I was thinking my laptop should be pulling 200 fps easily or am i wrong?
Thank you so much for your time.
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