Question Lenovo 14w - BIOS Boot Order Keeps Resetting


Apr 9, 2012
Hi all - I am trying to refresh this laptop with a clean installation of Windows 10. I have a USB with Windows 10 via Microsoft's Media Creation tool.

I can navigate to the BIOS via F2, boot tab and use F5/F6 keys to set the USB drive to the top. I have even attempted to use 2 USB keys at the same time, and set both of them above the eMMC drive in case it was an issue with my USB.

However, when pressing F10 (to save settings and exit), and navigating back to BIOS via F2, the boot order resets and shows the eMMC drive on the top every single time. I have also tried setting the USBs to the top first, then going to the exit tab -> save changes and navigating back to the boot tab. When doing so, the USB drive is still on top, but as soon as I have exit the BIOS and re-enter it, the eMMC drive is back on top.

Needless to say, trying any of the above (setting USB at the top of the list) and letting it boot, it will only boot up windows via my eMMC drive and never to Windows setup.

Secure boot is off, UEFI boot setting. USB boot enabled (all other settings are default). This occurred in BIOS 1.03 and 1.04 (most up to date).

Any ideas or suggestions?