Question Lenovo W530 Not detecting Official Charger

Apr 27, 2019
I have a Lenovo W530 laptop that won't recognise the official charger (170 Watts).

The laptop battery will charge with an unofficial charger but only when powered off (because this charger is a lower wattage than recommended). When I turn the laptop on, the laptop runs off the battery but still won't recognise the official charger and will not run off the power supply or charge the battery while on.

I have:
Changed the fuse in the plug of the clover leaf cable.
Tested that power is being supplied to the end of the charging adapter of the official charger (tested with an electric screwdriver)
Tried a different official charger (not changed the clover leaf cable though - could that be a problem?) but the new power adapter didn't work either.
Power reset the laptop.
Removed the system battery from the laptop to do a proper power reset.
Updated the battery drivers.
Flight mode has been switched off and on.

There is a new BIOS update that I would like to try but I can't apply the update (from windows or prompt) without the laptop being plugged in.

I know it's risky, but I would like to try and do the BIOS update without the mains, but I can't seem to find a way to hoodwink the laptop into thinking it’s plugged in or doesn't need the mains for update.

Hope someone can help

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Apr 27, 2019
I found this post on reddit about forcing a BIOS update: View:

I managed to get to command prompt but got stuck at forcing the BIOS flash.
Here is what the extracted lenovo W530 BIOS folder looks like (Once I partially run winflash64.exe and it extracts the .FL1 nad .FL2 files but before in cancels, saying there is no power):

In command prompt I'm trying to run WinFlash64 and force the BIOS update without the power being checked. These are the command options but how do I actually write the command?

Should the command be written like this.....
winflash64 -flash -patch $01D5200

C:\DRIVERS\FLASH\g5uj39us>winflash64 -help
SCT Flash Utility for Lenovo
for Windows V1.0.3.0
Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Lenovo Group Limited.

Usage: Flash [COMMAND]

bak [filename] Backup BIOS ROM before flash.
bbl Flash boot block.
bcp [EVSA binary] Overwrite BCP data.
bcplogo [BCP name] [file name] [Image ID] Replace logo image stored in BCP.
cac Check AC power is on.
cbp threshold Check battery power in percentage.
cvar Clear variables.
dat string Specify the asset tag DMI string.
dmc string Specify the chassis manufacturer DMI string.
dmm string Specify the motherboard manufacturer DMI string.
dks string Specify the SKU number DMI string.
dms string Specify the system manufacturer DMI string.
dos [string;string2;...]|[index1 string1 ...] Specify the OEM DMI strings.
dpc string Specify the chassis asset tag number DMI string.
dpm string Specify the motherboard product ID DMI string.
dps string Specify the system product ID DMI string.
dsc string Specify the chassis serial number DMI string.
dsm string Specify the motherboard serial number DMI string.
dss string Specify the system serial number DMI string.
dus [uuid] [overwrite] Specify the UUID DMI string.
dvc string Specify the chassis version DMI string.
dvm string Specify the motherboard version DMI string.
dvs string Specify the system version DMI string.
endkey Required key press after flashing.
ese Enable security examiner.
exit Exit program after flash completed.
file filename Indicate BIOS image file for flash.
help Show command list.
ipf [region name]|all Flash specific region
logo filename [ImageId] [filename] [ImageId] ... Replace logo.
ls [ImageId] ... Reserve logo in BIOS ROM.
mod filename Replace a FFS module.
nodelay No delay after flash.
nodrom No decomposing ROM when crisis recovery.
noerror Do not display error messages.
nowarn Do not display warning messages.
oc string Specify the OEM command line.
p Production mode. Disable simple text output.
prog start size Flash specific area. Both parameters in hexadecimal.
patch Patch mode. To patch particular data to current BIOS.
raw GUID filename [Index] Replace raw section of FFS module.
rsbr GUID1 GUID2 ... Reserve sub-regions with specified GUIDs.
sd Skip BIOS build date time checking.
silent Silent operation (no beeps).
slp filename Replace SLP marker or MSDM key.
spu filename 20|21 Replace SLP public key.
ss Skip all SLP sub-regions.
sn Skip part number checking.
shutdown Shutdown after flash completed instead of reboot.
v Enable flash verification.
vbl Enable Microsoft Bit-locker check.
vcpu [filename] Update variable size CPU microcode.
wb Flash without skipping same content blocks.
write filename start [fdla] Write a binary file to specific physical address or FDLA.
wsbr GUID filename Write a binary file to specific sub-region.