Question lg 27gl850-b only displaying option for 100hz not 144hz


Jul 21, 2014
I bought the monitor recently and if I recall when I first set it up I was posting at 144hz and then when I swapped out GPU's to my 3080 I can only get the nvidia control panel to show me 100hz, it states that it only needs HDMI to hit 144hz not DVI (Not that the monitor has the ports for DVI anyways) Anyone out there with any idea on how to fix?

*Side note in Nvidia control panel my option to enable Gsync just isn't there
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I’ve got the 27gl83-a which is nearly identical to your monitor and it only does 100Hz @ 1440p when using hdmi.

I just had a thought I never tried. Turn HDR off in the monitor settings and Windows. It might be a bandwidth issue with HDR on.


My understanding is no monitors support G-Sync over HDMI however bizarrely there are some TV’s.
I believe there are some, in theory at least.

It's to do with HDMI 2.1 AFAIK which is becoming more prominent on TVs already (for upcoming consoles) which has been slower to adopt on the monitor front. The OP's monitor should be HDMI 2.1, so theoretically can do it....but it's G-Sync 'compatible', not certified, so doesn't have the G-Sync module. So unless a driver launches to bring support, it's probably going to need DP for G-Sync for a while yet.
Ok although the manual does say 1440p 144Hz is supported over HDMI it also says

Recommended Resolution
2560 x 1440 @ 100 Hz (HDMI)

As the recommended is 100Hz you might need to create a custom resolution to achieve 1440p 144Hz.


Waiting on a display port cable now, strange that it supports 144hz at 1440p over HDMI but is only showing 100hz
Have you disabled Adaptive Sync in the OSD (on-screen display)? That's what the manual is saying.....

There also should've been a DP cable in the box, according to the 'accessories' listing on the product page:

  • HDMIYes
  • Display PortYes
  • USB3.0 Upstream CableYes