News LG 32-Inch UHD IPS Monitor Now Just $349 at Best Buy

I have the 550 series version of this monitor which is just a VA panel instead of an IPS panel. It also has a 3000:1 contrast ratio vs. the 650's 1000:1. I specifically chose the VA panel for deeper blacks for night time Microsoft Flight Simulator flying as well as my PS5 for racing sims. It was still too washed out at night for my taste, so I bit the bullet and bought a $800 48" Gigabyte Aorus OLED monitor (LG C1 panel).

This monitor is fine but if my VA panel doesn't cut it for darker blacks, then the IPS has to be even worse if you are using this thing gaming at night in night scenes. Mine now is just used as a kitchen TV. I do however give LG a shout out for several input options and more importantly, a cable included for both the HDMI and DP inputs! It's a great daily use panel for the home office or even as a 4K TV with the speakers. Just don't expect any wow factors with gaming.


Apr 9, 2014
I tire of reviews saying IPS panels aren't good for gaming. That's only true if you're a bleeding edge FPS gamer with a lot of skill to begin with. If you want exceptional color reproduction for games IPS panels are excellent for gaming. I'll give you a very good example. In World of Warcraft seeing differentiation in colors can be a game changing experience. Back in Mists of Pandaria farming dark soil while flying changing from a TN panel display to an IPS panel display was game changing. You can actually SEE the difference and it makes game play easier, better, and more productive. Many years later and I'm still using my 16:10 aspect ratio IPS panel display for gaming. Yes it has some motion blur, but there are newer IPS with better specs now and less motion blur but I find the trade off worth it still. Colors matter, and IPS makes gaming quality a better visual experience.
^^I also have several IPS panels obtained over the years for gaming. I never was happy with their dark scenes in the games/sims which were more like dark greys instead of pitch blacks. So while color is better on IPS, for many people, the lack of really dark scene reproduction capability with an IPS is a deal breaker. That's why I went VA before just biting the bullet and going to OLED. I'd have saved money just buying one of those in the first place!