LGA 2011 support for tri-channel ram?

Greetings Everyone,

I'm having some trouble nailing this down so I was hoping someone could confirm it.

I am planning to buy an Asus P9X79 Pro and an i7 3930K soon. I have an X58 based system now with 24GB of ram, but the new set of quad channel ram I want (i'm planning to max out the ram as soon as possible) is not at a price I want to pay yet (still > $500 per kit of 4 sticks). I was hoping to simply move my existing ram to the new motherboard, but if it's going to revert to dual channel mode instead of remaining in tri-channel mode, I will wait a bit longer for the price of the ram I want to drop instead.

Has anyone else done what I am planning to do here? Can you confirm whether the ram still runs in tri-channel mode in a Sandy Bridge E system?

The specification does allow single, dual and tri-channel operation for X79 chipset motherboards in addition to quad-channel.
Awesome. Thanks ko! I knew single, dual and quad were supported, but couldn't find anything official looking from either Intel or any of the board vendors that definitively said tri-channel was supported. Thought perhaps it would revert to dual channel instead.