News Libre-SOC Releases First Non-IBM OpenPOWER Chip in Decade

Every component, from hardware design files, documentation, mailing lists to software, is open-sourced and designed to fit with the open-source spirit and ideas

And this is how "open hardware" should be. It's one thing to list your BOM but have all of the components still contain chips and other IP made with proprietary ISAs or implementations. It's another to be able to make something that you could take, tweak, and submit to a fab.
Jul 13, 2021
I wish it was on GloFlo 12nm instead of TSMC 180nm.

Did you even read the article? The architecture is only 130k logical gates in size, let's just assume 5(I know, I know not all logic gates requires that much transistor or uses that few transistor and that there are resistors etc but let's just assume 5 transistor) transistors per logic gate, 130k x 5 = 650k transistors. GloFo 12nm has a transistor density of 36Million Transistors in a single mm2, 650k Transistor is only ~2% of 36Million, so the 650k design would only use 2% of a millimeter, smaller than a speck of dust :neutral: I have no idea how are you going to route and connect dozens to hundreds of BGA traces through something the size of a speck of dust. 😑