Like Chopping Onions: This Tool Tells You How Much You've Spent on Steam

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Or you can just learn how to use Excel in a monthly personal expense balance sheet and track it yourself. I have every expense down to work vending machine purchases. You'd be surprised how much money you throw away in that and fast food for lunch while at work vs. brown bagging. I was shocked when I saw that annual summary.

If you want to know why so many don't have much in personal savings, this is an example as to why. What you don't know in your day to day purchases CAN hurt you. I have my Steam and PlayStation games categorized as entertainment. I don't go on lavish vacations and don't go to movies or concerts, so I'm okay with that money well spent.

Do the same myself. Although I switched to Quickbooks Online as it's quicker to track spending. Since you just have to categorize transactions from your accounts. Tried the free Mint route but it lacked too much in the way of management.
Meh...$222 all time, or about $25/year. I think it'll hit most people harder. i'm well aware that I never have the time to get into that queue.

10Tacle, does that mean you go on reasonable vacations? Seriously, a backpacking trip someone awesome on reward miles or points can be like $500/person.



Jul 18, 2011
Too bad this doesn't factor for Steam keys purchased elsewhere, if only to tell you what their cost would have been had they been purchased from Steam itself.

I have over 1300 items in my account but so many of them are items I would never have bought for any significant sum by themselves. Usually, they were one of many items in a bundle where a single item was the sole interest and regarded as worth the price of the whole bundle. Then there are the dozens of OSTs that I'd never have paid additionally for but make my account look like I've been on an insane spending spree. As far as I can tell, I've spent no more than around $250 to date for that absurd number of items, from all sources.

A good example was the bundle that first brought me to IndieGala. It included the PC version of 3D platformer Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, which I'd enjoyed quite a lot in the PS2/Xbox/GameCube era. The bundle was something like a dozen games for $5, which I would have gladly paid for Ty alone.

For added absurdity, those 1300+ plus items in my account don't include the 100+ duplicates I gave away, mostly to my niece.

Getting an exact count of all of this would be interesting but probably not interesting enough to sort through all the email receipts and add it up.

Absolutely! I spent half a summer in Europe doing just that staying in smaller town B&Bs and Hostels while in college. That's why I said the word "lavish" in my post (like a $5,000 European city tourism trip for a week). Of course I do recreational stuff.

One of my favorite things to do is go to a mom & pop run mountain bed and breakfast and turn off all connection to the outside world (although I do notify family and friends to not bug me on my phone except in an emergency beforehand and give them the contact info to the place in the event I have cellular problems there as well as give the owners my emergency contact info). I've been around the block once or twice. :)
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