Limitations of Nvidia's SLI?


Jun 29, 2010
I've read in other places that Nvidia cards wont sli on any chipsets other than nvidia's own chipsets and the x58 chipset. Is this true?

Is there any similar limitations in the case of ATI's Crossfire?


P.S. I wanted to go for an AMD Chipset MOBO so this thing bothers me, as i thought of buying the GTX 460 and SLI'ing later on


Check your Motherboard's owner's manual. It will say if it is Crossfire or SLI compatible.

Intel based P55 and X58 motherboards are often times Crossfire & SLI capable. And anything with an nVidia chipset should be SLI capable so long as it actually has more than one PCI-E x16 slot.

So far as AMD specific chipsets, slim chance of doing SLI.

You can however, get nVidia based motherboards that support AMD CPUs.

Here's an example:

ASUS M4N75TD AM3 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI ATX AMD Motherboard


It varies by motherboard, and the specs need to say that the motherboard supports SLI and/or Crossfire. Just because it supports one, does not mean it supports both. All Intel X58 boards and most P55 motherboards support SLI, most will also do Crossfire.

You can get hacks that will enable sli on ATI chipsets and many Intel chipsets. If it can run crossfire and you got the bridge then you are set. When booting into os it will ask for normal windows or sli enabled windows the choice is obvious. It works and scales like normal sli. Most people don't know and their minds are like stone any way so I will try to find you the link. Only bother if you already have one card and Really want to try this.

Worked on my el cheapo 790x SB600 board with two 9800gt 1gb.

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