Limiting a network usage on a public wifi

Jul 16, 2018
Hey! So im working at a small restaurant and we have an open wifi network here which we also use for playing music. So sometimes at a busy time the music stop while loading slowly..

My question is if theres a way to somehow limit the usage of the customers for example that no matter what there will be 10% available for the music from the main device.. or maby give it a priority?

So any chance any body has a link to a page explaining about how its done? Im having trouble describing the problem and to find a solution on google so came here ^^" thanks in advance for helping or just reading this through.
QOS means "Quality of Service", a lot of routers have configuration page where you can set priorities. Some routers are better on this, some are worse.

I suppose your music skips because you're streaming it off the net (and whether it's legal is up to you and your lawyer). I would rather suggest using local music storage, or getting separate Internet account for your own usage.