Lines Diagonal Across Monitor


Jul 22, 2008
Okay so recently I just moved my computer down to college. At home I had it running on an old acer lcd monitor while I had my samsung led lcd monitor down at college. While at home I had it overclocked and running fine, as well as no lines on my monitor at all. Now I move it down to college set it up on my samsung monitor and bam, diagonal lines across my screen, they are very faint and grey, and all the same angle and evenly spaced out.

The gpu is at stock clocks and when I run an artifact checking program it shows no problems with rendering, and shows the gpu running stable, so this leads me to believe that it is the monitor itself.

Is this a proper conclusion or could it still be the gpu, I need some help here need to know if I need to send in my monitor while its still under warranty.