Link on my desktop wont open



the link on my desktop to a website used to open until I installed AVG 2011. What can I do?
Write on the blackboard 100 times: "You get what you pay for"

Then write 1 time: "I will actually buy kaspersky 2011 anti-virus so I won't have this trouble anymore."

Then, go to the website you used to have a shortcut to on your desktop.
Copy the location as found in the browser address bar,
Minimize everything, showing only your desktop.
Right-click an open area of the desktop,
Select "New" and in the context menu that pops out, select "Shortcut"
Right-click and paste the web address you copied earlier,
Click Next,
Type in a name for this new shortcut.
You are done, your new shortcut is on your desktop.

Now click

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