Question Linking ISP router to VPN router using an extender


Sep 14, 2015
Hi everyone, need your expert advice please.

I work from home and use a vpn router which is linked by ethernet to my ISP router. My work thin client (sunray box) also has to link via ethernet (no wifi option available)
I work upstairs and my ISP router is downstairs on the opposite side of the house so no signal upstairs. I have to have the VPN router near to where I work due to accessing via ethernet. I am currently using a TP link but this is in a different room as it needs to be on the same circuit so have a long cable trailing across the landing to the VPN router

Can you think of anything that I can do to avoid using this long cable. I bought a power adaptor as it doesnt need to same circuit but this doesnt work - with this I would have to connect the ISP router to the VPN router and then use the powerlink to extend and this didnt work when I tried it to connect my sunray box to my powerlink which was connected to my VPN which was connected to my ISP Router - gosh Ive confused myself . Is there another solution out there maybe
Powerline networks should work in most houses now days. The newer AV2 based units are much less affected by the circuit problems since they also use the ground wire. Then again there are fancy arc fault breakers in the newest house that seem to block powerline.

If you have coax tv cable you can try moca devices.

What you want is called a client-bridge. Many repeaters can run in this mode. You want to disable the wiif repeating function and only use the client-bridge part to avoid degrading performance. You can get dedicated client-bridge but they are not as common. In any case you hook them to the wan port of your VPN router.

You must have good wifi in the room from the main router or this will not work well.
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