Linksys Internet Problem - “The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem and the Internet is broken”


Jan 17, 2015
So my whole family just lost internet for all devices wired AND wireless, and when I troubleshooted the problem, that was the response it gave me. I already tried power cycling many times and even resettled my modem. I’m using a Linksys router and the logo is constantly blinking. I can join the networks on my phone but can’t connect to the internet.
Try unplugging the modem and router. Then press the reset button on each. Then remove and reinstall the cables on each. Plug both back in and try reconnecting to the internet. Since some modems have backup batteries, press the reset button on both the modem and router. And try again.
Use the Windows troubleshooter as well to test the connection. If you still have no connection, contact the internet provider to test the connection and modem. If the connection is good to the modem, then contact the router manufacturer for repair / replacement or replace the router.

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