Question Linksys Velop AC3900 ethernet question


Jan 13, 2009

I'm considering purchasing the Linksys Velop AC3900 mesh network system to improve the WiFi coverage in my house, but I have a question regarding the way in which you connect them in order to achieve an ethernet backhaul. The illustrations that I've seen show each node being connected to the next in series, but I was wondering if it would also work if each node was connected separately to the main router?

I ask, because I already have ethernet ports distributed around the house, with each one going back to a port on the router, and it would be convenient to simply connect one of the mesh nodes to each of these ports.


It doesn't really matter. The ports run as a switch it all one large network. It is actually better to do it the way you suggest. If a units would fail only that unit goes down if you daisy chain them you would lose that one and any others connected farther down the chain.

Part of the reason they show that diagram is most people that buy "mesh" units are using them as wireless repeaters. You are running yours as AP. The mesh guys pretend this is something special but backhaul ethernet cables to a central location has been the design used in large enterprise installation from the start of wifi. It provides the best coverage and performance. You still have to very carefully set the radio power and the channels you use for optimum performance. Some mesh systems help a bit on this but in most cases the consumer units are designed for people that want to take them out of the box and have magic happen. They work much better if you tune them.