Question Linksys wrt1900AC bridged to Google wifi


Jan 18, 2015
I live in an older home with lots of brick and plaster. My coax comes into my office in one corner of the house. I have a couple of devices connected by therhet cable there, and I rely on wifi for the rest of the house.

My wifi, even playing with my wrt1900AC antennas, is terrible, and I havven't had a lot of success with cheap repeaters.

I am being gifted a set of three google wifi points.

Can I put the wrt1900ac into bridge mode, turn off dhcp, connect the "main" google point to it and use the google wifi throughout the house but still have the ethernet devices connected to the linksys perhaps with reserved addresses? Or is my wrt1900ac now a christmas tree ornament along with my old 54g??
The simpler you have your network the better so if you don't need the extra box I would not use it. It just leaves you exposed to a mistake.

Even if you do connect it when you run it in bridge mode it runs as a AP. If you need extra ethernet ports it will function as a switch. I would not use the Wifi radios since they will compete for bandwidth.

I doubt the google wifi is going to work much better than the other repeater system you have. These devices do not have some magic way to make signals pass through walls. All they really are a slightly improved wifi repeater. Like any repeater it must actually receive a good signal for it to retransmit it.

Your best option is to use some kind of wire to pass though the walls. Best of course is ethernet. Next if you have coax tv cable in the remote rooms you can consider MoCA. After that I would look a powerline.


Jul 4, 2019
First, if this plaster is lapen plaster [where they put chicken wire up then plaster over it, can you say faraday cage?] you better get ready to run ethernet from your office, though google iis pretty impressive in my house I only push it through kitchen+laundry room with a hot water heater not lapen plaster.

Second, this is what I suggest the google has 2 ethernet ports so feed the google first, then turn the linksys into just a switch in the config, and use it for the multiple ethernets, or buy a cheap switch and get rid of the linksys. Its literally $20 for a 5 port gigabit switch on any shopping site.


You don't have to put your WRTAC1900 in any kind of mode, you can just disable the wifi on that unit and connect your google wifi system to it. The google wifi system will need to be placed into mesh access point mode, not router mode.

Hopefully your home is plaster and lathe(wood). If it's metal chicken wire, wifi access point nodes will need to be placed in the living areas.

During the last several decades, cable coax outlets were installed into various rooms of homes for analog tv. You can repurpose these runs of coax with MOCA to ethernet adapters to place a wired backhaul to your google wifi nodes.