[SOLVED] Liquid Cooling - Radiator Mounting Position + Tubing (in & out)

Sep 25, 2018

I'm currently installing an EK-KIT X360.

Here is my current setup:
2 Front-mounted intake fans
1 Rear-mounted exhaust fan
Top-mounted Radiator /w 3, 120mm exhaust static fans attached (positioned BELOW the Radiator)

As shown here:

My question is: Do I have the fans and radiator positioned correctly in my case?

Also, here I have the Owner's Manual:

The diagram is what they recommend I do, however, since my Rad is serving as my exhaust (by entering my 3, 120mm fans and into the Radiator and out of my case), I won't have cold air entering the Rad, nor would I have the hot air going thru my 3 fans, correct? I'm quite confused when it comes to my current situation.

My question is: What should I do for my Tubing? Should I follow the manual in my case or change the INs and OUTs of the pump, waterblock, and radiator? The manual mentions that although the diagrams is "ideal," it is not mandatory. So I'm wondering if I could switch some of the INs and OUTs of the tubing, and if so, what would you recommend?



The fans on the top-mounted radiator look to be backwards. Typically, front, bottom, and side fans pull cool air into the system, while top and rear fans exhaust hot air out of the case (heat rises).
Sep 25, 2018
I have the top fans pulling air from inside the case, and then pushing it into the radiator and out the case. Is that correct? The "front" of the fan is facing down, which should mean that that is where the air enters from?

Is this not the setup I have in the picture? I'm confused.

Update: Here's a closer picture...

I think you may be right, I see the wires on the side facing down, which means that I'm pulling air from the outside of the case and into the radiator + case.

Also, now that I look at it, my rear fan is on the other way as well? I want it blowing air out of the case, do I need to change the direction of my rear fan as well?
Feb 11, 2018
You’re exhaust fan is correctly oriented. If you were hoping to “push” your top radiator fans air as exhaust, you got your 3 top fans facing the wrong way.

For me, a simple way to know which direction the fan will be blowing the air, regardless of manufacturer of the fan, is to look for the label on the center of the fan blade that has the voltage / rpm information. The side that you see this, is the side the air willl be blowing. If you see just the manufacturer logo or a blank face, that’s the side where air will not be blowing towards.

Hope this makes sense.

Also, many agree that the hotter temperature inside the case as a result from using the top radiator fans as an intake to be negligible given the performance benefits of using colder, ambient room temperature air versus pre component heated internal case air as the primary source of intake air for your radiator.

I would leave it as is as your setup is ideal in my opinion, minus configuration of the fan models performance / rpm speed in relation to the exhaust fans capability.

To add a little something: some people like to maintain positive air pressure in the case which helps keep dust accumulation down. To help with that you'd put filters on the outside of the case to filter the air drawn in by the rad fans and case front fans.

That one case exhaust fan would be just about right as it would move hot air out but not significantly impact positive pressure. Of course, you'd have to balance the fan speeds to attain desired effect without case interior temperature growing too hot. When everthing's running right you'll have a small air flow out of the vented AIC slot covers in the back. Adjust that single case exhaust fan to get that desired flow.
Sep 25, 2018

What is a good exhaust fan I could use for my rear? So in other words, my setup is fine having the TOP be an intake, as well as the FRONT, but leaving the REAR as exhaust?

Thank you for your help, I didn't know those things~

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