LiquidSky's Version 2.0 Adds Ad-Supported Plan, Updated Performance Packages

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So I get to pay $5 a month to play 6 hours worth of 1080p at 60 fps games


Pay $10 a month to play 10 hours worth of 1080p at 60+ fps

I guess this would be perfect for the super light gamer that wants to play games at grandmas once a month and doesn't have a laptop, although that sounds highly niche.

What they need is an unlimited plan, say $30 a month for as many hours as you want, or $20 a month and drop the resolution down to 720p.

On their website it says:

"Through LiquidSky you experience up to 1GB/sec download and 100MB upload speeds, regardless of your local Internet connection. "

The first part could stand on its own, up to 1 GB/sec download and 100MB upload speeds. (Assume they mean gigabit but ill just let that slide and call it a typo)
It's the next line that comes off as, to put it nicely, wizardry.

They are probably looking at lawsuits if somehow their service is able to magically override the bandwidth limitations of my ISP.

Unless they are saying their compression is able to compress a 1 gigabyte text file of all 0s into a trivial amount of space and call that 1 gigabyte a second of download.

In which case it amounts to false advertising.

Am I missing something?

Jeff Fx

Jan 2, 2015

The use I can see for it is PC gaming on a tablet once they deliver Android support. I may try it to see how the 4K gaming us before I get a 1080Ti.

When a service offers a particular bandwidth, it's understood that it can't make your home connection faster than what you bought. People can sue for anything, and often do, but I'd be very surprised if any suit wasn't dismissed.

Except based on the info here, they don't seem to offer 4k streaming at this time. And even if they did offer 4k, that doesn't mean it would look anything like 4k rendered on a local machine. Like all video streaming services, they have to compress the video feed before they send it to you, and a compressed 4k stream won't likely look any better than uncompressed 1080p rendered locally. Likewise, their currently-advertised 1080p streams probably don't look any better than 720p rendered on your own system in most games, due to compression artifacts muddying details.


Aug 5, 2009

gpu - 300$
cpu - 300$
ram - 100-200$ possibly far more depending on how good it is.

If you are a lighter gamer, as in sub 20 hours a month, or you just play certain games for 50 hours and are done till the next iteration, I could see this as being a fantastic value as you don't need a powerful computer do run the game, you can do it on a crapbox at this point. you also likely wont over run the games to the point that it would have been cheaper to buy the hardware yourself.

This is not aimed at the 'hardcore gamer'
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