Question Livingroom mini media pc


Feb 9, 2017
I've currently got some Asus chromebox as my pc in my living room but I need to switch it out for a windows based one.

Since I don't have any experience in this low-end hardware for just media playback I have no idea what specs are needed for playback. So I'm looking for a windows based mini pc that can stream 4k video. It's pretty much only going to be used to watch Netflix and such so only need be good enough for that.

I saw that the Intel nuc with a Celeron J3455 is currently 70€ off at my local store so will that be enough or do I need a better one, if so give recommendation fo what specs are needed or a pc.


Recently bought a Chuwi Larkbox for my brother, seems to do the job and it has a J4155 in it, just a generation newer. A little more expensive, but it is very nice. Certainly capable of 4K playback. Comes with RAM, OS, Storage, and has a free M.2 Slot for expansion.

If that NUC only comes barebones, going to cost you a bit I think to populate it out.

Personally still have an Atom Z3735F based Lenovo Thinkcentre Stick 300. Can handle youtube fairly well, but other streaming services, not so much. Depends on the algorithms and encoding they use.

But for my main HTPC, just have a full on i3-4130T and GT1030 for 4K output. Most low end Intel laptops should be able to handle it as well, so $250-300. Lot more options if you are willing to spend a little more.