Review Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Review: Not For Everyone

Jan 4, 2022
This is a 100% FPS mouse for clawgrip and medium to large hands. The stand on the review should be that it's a FPS mouse. If you review a sport car then it's not important how many people you can fit in it above 2 people. It's important to let people know it's a specific mouse for this, and it's specific for hands and grip style. So people with small hands doesn't buy it, as a man that's too tall for the sport car or a family man doesn't buy that sport car. Should that it doesn't fit everyone be apart of the verdict? Yes absolutely but it shouldn't be weighted that much, like half a star.

What's important for a FPS mouse? Here's a few things after my book:
  • Low weight
  • Low latency
  • Quality of the sensors (what sensor is used) and it's known to perform well/not skip
  • Good buttons, little pre and post travel and good switches
  • Mouse skates, how good it moves on the mousepad (maybe hard to be objective here but look at what materials they are made of)
  • Shape for the designed grip style
  • If cable, how flexible is the cable/how effortless can you move the mouse without feeling the cable
  • Easy to click middle mouse button without wheel easly scrolling
What's not important
  • Programmeable buttons (More buttons then right, left, one-two side buttons and mousewheelbutton is not needed)
  • Small tiny screw that's vissible on the bottom
For me this is a 4,5/5 star mouse. I'm giving it half a star deduction being requiring a medium to large hand and that the skates could have been better