Question Logitech speakers with no sound output! Tried everything!!


Aug 5, 2017
Hi team,

I've picked up a decent second hand desktop PC off a friend, for some reason after set-up I have no audio output at all. All signs point to it work but could be something so simple... its frustrating me, it worked fine for him.

The speakers are simple Logitech with 3.5mm Jack with power (tested with the phone and the speakers are fine), its currently plugged into the Line Out/green plug but I have also tried all the others. I have also tried headphones to the 'Line Out' jack & headphone plug to no avail.

The PC came with a full clean install of windows pro, I have also tried;
  • Speakers set as default for playback (green active sound)
  • Troubleshooted (?)
  • Definitely not on mute
  • tried changing to 24 bit
  • restored audio driver
  • checked for driver updates
  • updates all windows
  • All enhancements are off

As per the image, there is sound generating.

My device options are:
'Speakers' output is as per the image (Green lines for active volume, no sound)
Digital Audio (S/PDIF) - ATAPI Internal connector (Green lines for active volume, no sound)
Digital Audio (S/PDIF) - Rear Panel Optical Jack (Green lines for active volume, no sound)

Its as if its set on mute, but clearly isn't?? Am I going mad??

Windows 10 setup, Intel I7, 16gb Ram

Hope you can help, it feels like it could be any easy answer. Le me know if you need more answer