Question Logitech z506 help

Jan 1, 2021
Looked all over and havent seen much else on what ive got going on. So all the speakers work, all satellites, power is solid and bass works.. occasionally, under circumstances. If i take the subwoofer out with the unit powered up the bass slowly returns. Inside of unit seems quite hot and smells of hot plastic, ive checked the boards and everything looks okay but im pretty novice with small electronics.

would this be the power supply? if everything shut off id be quick to lean to that but everything else is fine, except the sub. As soon as i remove the sub from its hole and allow airflow into the unit the bass slowly comes back, i put it back and tighten the screws, and a few minutes later it goes away. Ive checked all the wires and connections for loose/bad soldering.

replace power supply or could it be simpler?

I can take pictures of the power supply and main board if needed


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I think you're experiencing an issue whereby the PCB where the amp is located is devoid of airflow. Why are you resorting to removing the driver from the enclosure? The hole in the subwoofer should be adequate to expel air through it and convect heat out of the enclosure. Is the opening pushed up against a wall/surface?