Question Long POST process - - code 92 on MSI 970FXA

Feb 27, 2019
Hey there guys.

So as of recently I have noticed that when either rebooting my pc or booting from cold, the post process is taking a rather long time (3-4 minutes avg). Post Code 92 hangs the longest and then goes through the remainder of codes then windows loads at what would be a normal speed on a 5 year old ssd.

Around the same time as when this started happening I had upgraded my GPU from a 960 to a 970. The 960 only have 1 power plug and the 970 having 2 but actual power draw on the cards seem to be nominally different and not enough to overload my PSU. As while in windows and under full synthetic load or gaming load everything is just peachy and there are 0 issues. Nothing crashes nothing freezes no bsod just normal working pc.

Doing reading these last several days it seems that the code 92 has something to do with PCI power initialization. That being said several others had mentioned this could include add in cards, usb devices, etc. Testing the USB devices portion, I unplugged everything USB from the pc and rebooted. This resulted in normal post times/windows boot times, and again normal stability within the OS.

So I guess my question ultimately is, what are possible reasons why these USB devices would be causing the mobo to hang during POST? Or is it simply coincidence that it happened to work that time? I plan on doing far more physical testing over this weekend since work has consumed the week entirely. PC specs and devices listed below:

FX-8350 slight OC 4.4ghz @1.36v
MSI 970FXA Gaming mobo - most current bios
OCZ 90GB ssd boot drive
Corsair CX750M 80+bronze PSU

Corsair K70 LUX kb
Corsair VoidPRO USB headset
Corsair M65 Elite mouse (purchased/installed around same time issue started as well)
Soundblaster Kratos X5 2.1 USB desktop speakers

Lemme know if you all need more system specs, like said I need to do a lot more physical testing on stuff as it all seems to revolve around swapping out my video card/new usb mouse. And if code 92 has something to do with initializing power to the board is it possible the PSU is starting to go? Just looking for more heads to bounce this off :)