News Look Ma, No Fans: Case Passively Dissipates 600W of Heat


Oct 2, 2009
To each his own, but I have a hard time imagining the customer who is willing to pay a thousand dollars for a super bulky case, go to the trouble of water cooling the CPU and graphics card, put up with the sound of the pump (no small pump to push coolant through all that tubing) and then still not be able to have a top of the line system since the cooling is capped at 600W.


Dec 29, 2007
It's heatpipes, just not all copper. The logic is 100% same. They just added flexible piece in the middle so you can adjust to your own hardware.

It's fine idea, but whole interior is such a disaster IMHO. The whole X idea only looks good from a single point of view, that PSU placement is ugly as hell, and they haven't even bothered to make the flexible piece of tube look tidy, so it's probably terrible to setup.

I'd be fine with just standard setup, maybe side-by-side MBO & GPU facing same direction.

Oh, and flexible copper tubes are a thing, used in air-conditioning all the time, they're just touchy with limited bending radius. I'd still pick that as an option and a tool to help not crushing the pipes on install. Or, for 1000$ price, offer custom installation. Give them list of main components (MBO, CPU, GPU), and they install it and ship with a case. As semi-barebone.