Question Looking for a gaming chair (use controller)


Jun 19, 2012
I’m looking for a chair because sitting down for too long on the sofa starts to hurt!
So it has to be comfortable enough to sit on for hours on end but also help me keep good posture.

I was thinking sectret lab omega/Titan as they have won best chair two years in a row aperently and they look pretty decent.

Or Maxnomic as there seems to be a lot of top streamers useing them. So I guess there good for long sessions.

A lot seem to recommend Herman Miller chairs.
I like these but I use a controller to game so I lean back a lot and they dont seem to have tall vertions to rest the head.
Amazon sell a third party lip on Headrest for these, does anyone use them?

Any Info appretiated as the first time I’ll get to sit in it is after it’s paid for and I’m my house.
Providing links to the ones you are considering would probably get you more responses, so people don't have to go hunting.

I've seen and heard raves of Herman Miller chairs, but they're very expensive. All we know so far is you need a tall chair, if you are on the heavy side as well you might want to consider a 24 hr chair made for dispatch workers and such whom work long hours. They are usually much more heavy duty on padding, with a stiff steel vs plastic base.

My rule of thumb with task chairs is making sure you can either sit on them before buying, or return for full refund for any reason within 30 days. In fact the latter is pretty much crucial for a chair even if you've sat in it before buying, because they can start creaking or worse.

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