Looking for a new hobby


Aug 5, 2017
So I'm am 18 years old about to graduate and looking to go to a mechanic school after i graduate. I currently love to play video games... a little too much.... basically play video games from the time I get home to the time I go to sleep. I also ride dirt bikes, work on dirt bikes and trucks and just love to do things that are hands on. I'm just looking for a new hobby I can spend my time doing instead of always playing video games. I've always wanted to get into some sort of wood working but dont really know where to start. If you guys have any suggestions on woodworking or any other hobby that isn't too too expensive I'd love to hear it, thanks!


Jun 2, 2009
My dad does wood working. There are a lot of sub skills in there. Cabinetry, framing, carving, turning.

The cheapest starting skill and perhaps the hardest to master (my opinion, not expert) is carving. Starting out there is as simple as getting a good whittling knife. Carve out a dog or some other little animal. But you can expand on that quite a bit getting a rotary tool or some gouges.

Nick Offerman suggests just getting a hand saw, hammer and nails and some sand paper for your first project, and "make something with your hands" I think he wrote a book about it. Then you can look at getting some power tools and taking on some framing or cabinetry or turning something on a lathe.


Oct 13, 2017
Do you live near mountains? If so, hiking and camping is a fantastic way to get out of the house, unwind in nature, and get exercise. Day hikes really only take a good pair of shoes, a day pack, and a water bottle and snacks. If you're looking for something more exciting, outdoor rock climbing doesn't take much of an investment in gear. You can learn all the basics and get plenty of practice at local, indoor climbing gyms. Or, if you want real excitement, paragliding is also an affordable investment. You can buy a wing, take some classes, then go hike up a hill to launch your glider, and soar above the ground for an hour.

Do you near the ocean instead? Check out SCUBA diving. It's cheap to get certified (like 200-300$), then you can rent gear for dives to begin with, and eventually buy your own gear for an affordable price.


If you want to turn your mechanical skills into a useful hobby, buy project dirt bikes or trucks, fix them up and sell?

You could teach yourself body work, painting, welding, machining, etc on the way. Depending on where you live there might be 'maker spaces' nearby you could use that have tools and training.

Volunteer work for some organization perhaps? Always looks good on a resume at least.


Jul 19, 2009

I would suggest this but on a smaller more basic scale. Learning how to create basic stuff with wood, a drill/screws, hammer/nails, etc will be invaluable later in life. For example when I was about your age I started creating basic things that we could utilize around the house such as a sort of wooden cart thing that held two garbage cans. When we would set our garbage cans out the night before pickup they would sometimes get blown over by the wind and stuff, so I measured out the length/width/height, got some 2x4's and cut them to the proper lengths with a hand saw and used a power drill to screw it all together (you can use hammer/nails if you don't have a drill), then screwed two wheels on one end so you could lift the opposite end up and wheel it outside and set it back down so it didn't roll away (like a wheelbarrow type thing, but with two wheels at the front)... i was surprised at how easy it was to make and felt like a genius afterward lol
if you like gaming a lot....see if there any big paintball fields near you. whe nmy back was ok i used to go once a year to erm paintball castle game. there a few online videos of how large it is. they have free camping onsite for there games. another thing is look into larp. another thing is cosplay...a lot of people make battle suits..costumes on there free time. also look at summer interships.


Mar 20, 2014

I am 71 years old and in a Geezer Storage Facility. I enjoy doing stuff with my hands. I put together this PC I am texting to you on :) WOOD is great stuff. Go outside and look for pieces of trees or the butchered stuff (some call that lumber). When you bring it home you can make whatever you want to with it. It is not easy, but, neither are video games. Hope this helps your dilemma. Enjoy. Quest! Al