Looking for a purchase guide for Digital Storm

Jan 17, 2019
Hello everyone ,
I have a doubt regarding the digital storms new desktop computerthe aventum x my friend recently brought it for around 8000-9500$ but is it worth it for liquid cooled two rtx 2080 ti sli with intel i9-9900k, and by the way what is raiding storage drive
Mean .By looking at my friends pc should I too get one of them?


That's about 4x what most people need to spend on a computer (depending on whether the monitor and peripherals is included in that price). I mean, sure, there's a lot of custom bling there that you're paying for, but unless you're a millionaire, that's probably not necessary.

i9-9900K = $500
360mm AIO = $140
Z390 mobo = $200
RTX2080Ti = $1400 x 2
64GB RAM(?) = $450
2TB NVMe SSD = $400 x 2?
1200W PSU = $140
Case = $150
Total = $5,200. That's an insane system.

Dual GPUs generally isn't recommended for gaming anymore.

It all boils down to usage. Also, if for gaming, what is the intended resolution and refresh rate of the monitor?

There are a couple different types of "RAID" (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) One type is for both drives to share the load which increases performance. The other is to write the same data to both drives which gives you data redundancy. For private/personal use in a local machine*, most people don't need RAID. An external hard drive or cloud-based backup is best.
*NAS systems are different and often use RAID 1 since they're essentially a backup, but I even a NAS should be backed up. I have an onsite and an offsite 8TB external hdd for $140 each. That's pennies for a lifetime of data.