Looking for a router that supports 15+ devices


Apr 10, 2014
Hey all. So my internet has been going out every so often and web pages load very slowly. I replaced the modem yesterday and the issue is still there which leads me to believe its the router. I have the Linksys Max-Stream AC2200. Only had it since December.

Im looking for a router under $250 that can support 15+ devices in a large home. Mostly game consoles and PC gaming.

EDIT: ISP is Comcast. 150 down, 5 up.
Even a very cheap router can handle that. Can you list out your devices and how they are connected?

Powerline adapters, congested wifi, malware, etc could be slowing you down.

If it's something like download and using all the bandwidth you might be able to throttle that activity. QoS is fairly complicated.
It's not the router and amount of devices it can support. It's the bandwidth usage among multiple users at the same time from one ISP. If you have three people streaming Netflix and two online gaming and one downloading a new game on Steam with five smart phones connected and downloading the latest iOS/Android upgrade over WiFi, no amount of user capacity is going to help you. What will help you more is going to 1GB fiber if available in your area. This is all of course not counting all the radio wave interference of so many client access points flying around in the house choking devices down.