Looking for a solution to networking issue


Oct 20, 2016

I am facing network connection problem with my desktop PC after every reboot. My internet connection does not work. Windows loads with out errors and shows the little blue circle on my Network Icon. Then the icon goes to a red x. Every time I have to do remove and reinstall or reinstall > repair and restart the computer. This computer is an assembled one with original Intel motherboard, & OS is windows 7.
I have formatted and reinstalled OS a couple of times. Still I am facing the same problem. What could be wrong and what is the solution to this problem.


Dec 8, 2014
Since the problem has happened across multiple installations you should be looking at hardware failures.

The first thing to check is the cabling between your host and firewall/router/modem. Bypass all devices on your network except your ISP modem. Move your ethernet cable to a different port on the modem. While back there, confirm that your activity light is enabled on the computer when you are connected to the RJ-45 jack. If you replace your cable and move to another port and the problem still happens it is most likely a problem with your onboard NIC; expansion cards can be moved and/or reseated to ensure proper connection.

At this point troubleshooting would no longer be free and best to see if you can get a new modem from your ISP. If you cannot or it does not resolve your problem then buy a USB to Ethernet adapter to see if you can get stable internet access via USB.

You can also use a wireless card or USB Wi-Fi antenna and skip ethernet.

**Do not forget to clean out your computer regularly to avoid dust bunnies breeding and generating unnecessary heat.

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